Welcome to Cottage Pie Flowers



From seed to bloom I can provide you with beautiful flowers grown in my own garden with dedication and passion, working with the seasons rather than against, grown in an organically aware environment with minimal carbon footprint. Flowers for individuals who prefer the unparalleled  scent, varieties and form that supermarkets cannot provide.  Flowers for brides who wish to create their own personal arrangements. Flowers for florists, and flowers for you to create and develop your own individual style.


Fresh seasonal posies delivered locally straight from the garden! How delightful does that sound?

Meadows of daisies, borders brimming with colour - bees humming..... how wonderful you may be thinking - so listen up and think for a moment -

The resurgence of interest in classical British flowers has been championed by an organisation called Flowers From The Farm to which I belong.

Its rallying call of 'collaboration not competition' has helped spawn numerous small scale flower farms all with the common desire to grow and supply seasonal cut flowers grown with as little carbon footprint as possible.


My flowers will immediately remind you of the inherent blowsiness of our own native garden flowers - freshness and, above all, scent , is once again the priority, not how long the vase life of a rigid, silver nitrate pulsed arrangement will last!

Of course, supermarket flowers grown overseas providing all year round availability have their place; but they cannot compete with the sheer variety and scent that I can offer you during our growing season.

So, if you want to bury your face in a fistful of glorious garden flowers knowing where they have come from and breathe in the scents of spring, summer autumn - then you have arrived!